Castello di Roncade

The Castello stands right in the heart of Roncade, a picturesque small town in the Venetian inland. With its pre-Palladian villa surrounded by medieval walls, it is a one-of-a-kind majestic Renaissance complex, where the long-standing agricultural tradition of Veneto is still kept in high esteem, in particular for the production of excellent wines.

The Ciani Bassetti Family , of Trentino origins and ancient agricultural traditions, took over the Castle property at the beginning of the 20th century with architectural renovations and the replanting of the vineyards.

In 1930, Baron Tito Ciani Bassetti chose the Castello di Roncade as the place that would host our family and his dream: a winemaking business in an ancient land with a vocation for viticulture since the Roman and Serenissima eras. The winery, led by Vincenzo Ciani Bassetti, now surrounds the Castle, which we have continued to enhance over the years with our commitment to the vineyard and the cellar.

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