The Cantina Cooperativa Vinchio Vaglio was founded in 1959 as a response to an extremely punitive economic situation for peasant labour: it was the 19 founding members themselves who took part in the construction of the building that still houses the Cantina today.

Today, there are about 200 members, owners of almost 500 hectares of vineyards who carry on the same spirit, presenting themselves to the future as a model of winegrowing excellence. This is how the hard work of the members blends with the technical-agronomic assistance of the Cantina, leading to wines that receive prestigious awards from international critics every year.

The vineyards of our associates are mostly in Vinchio and Vaglio Serra with only a few in the nearby areas of Incisa Scapaccino, Cortiglione, Nizza Monferrato, Castelnuovo Belbo, Castelnuovo Calcea and Mombercelli. This area belongs to the hilly region of Alto Monferrato and the soils are sandy and calcareous. Most of the vineyards overhang steep slopes, making their tending extremely difficult on one hand but ensuring a perfect sunlight exposure throughout the day on the other. Winegrowing here is an extremely demanding and difficult activity and the farmers’ hard work and passion are the heart of all wine production. It is indeed the combination of these two elements that guarantees the best possible results: low yields (1.5-2 kg of grapes per vine), high sugar contents and a ripening process that allows the development of the best aromas thanks to a good balance in day/night temperature variation. In short, grapes produced on these hills have all the essential features to become excellent wines. 

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