Teresa Manara Chardonnay Magnum Photos

  • Teresa Manara Chardonnay Magnum

Teresa Manara Chardonnay Magnum

2018 ยท 1.5 L
  • Winery Cantele
  • Grapes Chardonnay
  • Region Puglia

The Teresa Manara Cantele is a large Chardonnay rodotto with Guyot-grown grapes in the territory of Guagnano (Lecce). The name of this wine derives from the homage that his son Augusto Cantele wanted to make to Mother Teresa Manara a strong and proud woman who crossed Italy in the years in which the enterprises were still reserved for men, with a temperament of which today they are soaked the most important selections of Chardonnay and...

Price is per bottle

6 bottles per case

Estimated delivery by Dec 15, 2021

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