Donna Di Coppe

Donnadicoppe was born solidly to the values of authentic agricultural tradition, with the strong desire to establish itself in the contemporary world and therefore become a cornerstone of tomorrow's wine culture. The passage through these three time periods of our company philosophy allows us to move with the elegance that has always distinguished our brand in the homes of those who choose our wines and who find in our products the right mix of colour, aroma and capable taste to transmit the warmth of our Mediterranean land.
It is a young company that faces new needs every day without neglecting respect for what led it to be what it has become today and what it will become tomorrow. From the cultivation devoted to the authenticity of the product to the selection of the best grapes, up to the use of the most modern techniques for optimal winemaking, it approaches the tastes of those who want to maintain a purely traditional approach to the flavors of our land and those of those who love to experience a newest and most authentic conception of taste.

From the agricultural heart of Sicily, in the city of Gibellina, which is reborn through the impetus of contemporary art and culture, the DONNADICOPPE company has its roots in the territory and in the values of tradition and lives the sensitivity of our time by projecting its own identity in tomorrow. Our vineyards, in their different varietal range, sway among the gentle hills of the Belice Valley, in the province of Trapani, irradiated by the warm Mediterranean sun. A maternal land, capable of giving us and embracing a range of wines that express their personality with a series of characteristics that make them different from each other and that infuse, with their fruity aromas and particular organoleptic properties, suggestions of aromas and of pleasures linked to the passion that has always accompanied our work.

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